TSP Solo 2024 – Announcement

March 25, 2024 at 0400 PST β€“ I will be standing at the start line of my biggest opportunity to date. @thespeedproject TSP Solo… yes you read that right… SOLO! ~300 miles (482km) from Santa Monica Pier to the old Las Vegas welcome sign, choose your own adventure style. Just like the books πŸ“• as a kid, except I get to decide my route and the story will write ✍️ itself.

Luck would have it that the TSP community is even more incredible than I ever could have imagined. Sharing data @tsp_solo_lucy , tips, insight, intel and chill vibes as I plan my logistical strategy. This select group of humans from all over the world, ~25 soloists all with one goal in mind. Get to Las Vegas by any means necessary on foot, one in front of the other. I could not dream πŸ’­ of doing this alone. This is not about the outcome. It is about the memories I get to create with the incredible humans that are putting their life on hold to assist me and my ambitions.

I will introduce you all to my incredible team during the lead up, until then… they know who they are! As a vocal advocate within the mental health space I will be raising funds to support @biggerthanthetrail alongside this epic mission of LA to VEGAS. What exactly does that mean?

I am asking for you to pledge a $ amount per KM that I run during this project. Whether that be $0.01, $5.00, or $10.00 per KM every donation is equally important. Funds will be going to support mental health and awareness to those within and connected to the endurance community who need it the most. I will provide details regarding the pledge over the coming weeks, I would be grateful for your support πŸ™

This is more than just a β€œrun”. This isn’t a solo mission for recognition, accomplishments or accolades. I am using running as a means to tell my story on a deeper level through this journey. So that someone else who may be struggling understands that they are not alone in what they are going through. Whatever it is, it is valid.Posted in Journal